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EuCham - European Chamber - Business Integrity Forum CEE 2015: Success through integrity and compliance



Business Integrity Forum CEE 2015: Success through integrity and compliance

EuCham Business Integrity Forum CEE 2015

Business Integrity Forum 2015, organized by EuCham - European Chamber and co-organized with Transparency International Hungary provided insights on the ethical challenges for businesses, organizations and public institutions, attracting participants from the private and the public sectors. 

The innovative side event Integrity Window — one-to-one brief advisory comprising experts and enthusiasts in the field — has been introduced with the support of experts in the field of ethics and compliance such as KPMG and TRACE International. Attendees have been provided with an informal opportunity to share ideas, report confidentially, discuss whistleblowing issues and receive minor consultations.

The main topics included whistleblowing and data protection issues.

EuCham president Mr Michele Orzan highlighted the fact that integrity should be part of every business’ base and that it could only measured by actions. The Ambassador of Slovakia H.E. Mr Rastislav Káčer strongly recommended to promote and preserve integrity and insisted on trust as a condition for an ethical behavior. The CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Hungary Mr Heinz Wiedner focused on integrity in the banking industry and proudly illustrated the benefits of an efficient compliance system, such as reducing legal problems, building a positive reputation and contributing to a higher employee retention.  

Mr David Lewis of the Australian Embassy in Vienna shared passionately his country's activities against corruption when hosting the G20 and stated that reducing corruption has an undeniable impact on economic growth, while the Compliance Manager of Mercedes-Benz Ms Zsuzsanna Lippai shared the four most important pillars of integrity: responsibility, respect, confidence and transparency. Ms Lippai also outlined that compliance is not one department’s concern but “everybody’s business”.

The Executive Director of Transparency International Hungary Mr József Péter Martin led a data protection panel, which highlighted the importance of compliance when managing customers’ data and why companies must really consider the value of their own data and accordingly protect them, even when they are not anymore relevant for their activities. Ms Noémi Alexa from Central European University moderated the panel discussing whistleblowing issues, focusing on the cultural aspects as a barrier for whistleblowing practices and the possible solutions to create a supportive environment for whoever wants to report wrongdoings. The panel also shed the light on the alarming low number of whistleblowers in Central and Eastern Europe.


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17:00 Integrity Window

18:00 Introduction
Mr Michele Orzan - President, EuCham CEE

18:05 Public Institutions & Integrity
H.E. Mr Rastistlav Káčer - Ambassador of Slovakia

18:15 Private Sector & Integrity
Mr Heinz Wiedmer - CEO, Raiffeisen Bank

18:20 Anti-corruption in the G20: activities during Australia’s host year
Mr David Lewis - Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Australia

18:30 Presentation
Dr. Zsuzsanna Lippai - Legal & Compliance Manager, Mercedes-Benz

18:45 Panel Discussion

“Data Protection & Compliance”

Mr Nicholas Sarvari - Managing Director, CNS Risk; President, Canadian Chamber of Commerce 
Mr Jimmy Helm - Regional Head of Forensic Service, KPMG
Ms Maria Rusz - Ethics & Compliance Manager, Shell

Moderator: Mr József Péter Martin - Executive Director, Transparency International Hungary


19:20 Panel Discussion

“Whistleblowing issues”

Dr. Zsuzsanna Lippai - Legal & Compliance Manager, Mercedes-Benz
Mr David Ondráčka - Director, Transparency International Czech Republic
Dr. Bálint Bassola - Attorney-at-law, Head of Competition Law Practice Group, Jalsovszky Law Firm
Mr Sandor Lederer - Co-founder and CEO, K-monitor
Mr Márk Erdélyi - Compliance Officer, Telenor

Moderator: Ms Noemi Alexa - Professor, Center for Integrity in Business & Government, CEU

Master of Ceremonies: Mr Alessandro Farina - CEO, ITL Group 

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