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EuCham - European Chamber - Turkish Business Seminar 2015: 16th biggest economy in the world



Turkish Business Seminar 2015: 16th biggest economy in the world

EuCham Turkish Business Seminar 2015

The Turkish Business Seminar identified the three dimensions for the economic development of Turkey: inclusiveness, implementation and investment.

EuCham - European Chamber organized the Turkish Business Seminar, providing an extensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the economic situation of Turkey and showcasing Turkish champion companies. The seminar hosted attendees from over 16 different countries.

The Turkish ambassador Mr Sakir Fakili emphasized the importance of strategic cooperation and unveiled the aim to double the value of the trading links through increased investments in SMEs, outlining three pillars to further enhance integration with the EU market: inclusiveness of all stakeholders, implementation of structural reforms and investment in supporting infrastructure, finance and economics.

Representatives from the Turkish Ministry of Economy and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced the possible cooperation scenarios with joint platforms stimulating the international development of SMEs and the enhancement of Turkish permeation of the region.

The national economy is flourishing: 6M new jobs were created after the financial crisis, while ideal working conditions were recognised by the International Labour Organization. The inflation rate was the lowest in 44 years, reaching 6.2% in 2012. Exports and foreign direct investments are mainly concentrated in Europe (45%) and in African and Middle Eastern countries (25%), with some national champions presenting at the seminar.

Turktelekom International, rated as the sixth best company in Turkey with a net profit reaching 500M €, is the globally active arm of Turktelekom operating in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East.

Turkish Airlines, with its country coverage larger than any other airline in the world, and nominated Europe's best airline for the fourth consecutive year, has experienced consumers’ growth rate of 70% in the last decade, expecting 63M passengers in 2015, flying to more than 100 countries.

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