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EuCham - European Chamber - Conference: Redefining Success 2015



Conference: Redefining Success 2015


Everyone is inspired by ‘success’ in a different way. People who are already successful want to show their achievements while people who tend to become truly successful are continuously learning and analyzing the different perspectives of achieving success. In order to satisfy both sides, EuCham - European Chamber organized the conference Redefining Success 2015.

RSC 2015 attracted over 100 participants raising widespread positive feedback. The purpose of the conference was to create a platform for already successful, yet different businesses to share their stories and strategies of success. EuCham welcomed speakers with different backgrounds and by presenting a diversified pallet of companies operating in different stages, RSC 2015 showed its attendees that the approaches for achieving and maintaining success differ from each other and vary over time.

The conference provided a great opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and ideas on how business success can be achieved and maintained in the long term.


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