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Green Policy


Contact: Mr Attila Grof •

Tel. +36 1 445 1434 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



GREENWILL provides, FOR FREE, to all companies and organizations, public and private bodies, a green policy for environmental sustainability, guidelines for implementation and self-assessment tools.
A policy that can easily be sustained through following several easy steps which will ensure a safe, healthy and green complied workplace


To ensure the achievement of environmental, social and economic sustainability, and the reduction of the environmental impact of companies and organizations worldwide.

Core Value

GREENWILL involves organizations/individuals in a proactive approach to incorporate the eco-friendly mentality and values.
Through sustainable business practices GREENWILL will promote environmental awareness, contributing to the world, the nature and the future generations.

Products and Services

The Green Policy and its support materials are provided FREE OF CHARGE for everybody.

A very small number of organizations may perhaps be interested in some optional extra services, which can finance the whole project, ensuring its sustainability.

• Green Pack (materials for learning and implementation)

• Support Check (a yearly field-check by GREENWILL approved volunteers; subscription based)

• Memberships and Education (seminars, events, educational courses, etc.)

• Green Consultancy (it may be performed by WWF)

• ISO 14001 Certification (it may be performed by experts and consultancy companies)

• Products and Technologies (eco-friendly products, green equipment, etc.)




Adopting a Green Policy is as easy as PDCA



  • Register and decide to be green
  • Get for free your Green Policy and commit yourself for a better, sustainable world


  • Implement your Green Policy
  • Put the Green Policy on the wall, share intentions with colleagues, customers, stakeholders
  • Identify a Green Officer (volunteers & green enthusiasts are the best), involve colleagues and top management, support new procedures and processes.


  • Monitor and share results
  • Set periodical meetings, monitor and get feedbacks, let everyone know the organization's results
  • Make everybody proud of them
  • Don't forget customers and stakeholders


  • Improve results
  • Recommend further improvement of the system, set higher targets, embrace more and more areas of the organization
  • The biggest room is room for improvement
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