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Thu-Fri 21-22 Apr 2016
Startup Safary Budapest; Budapest • link 

Wed-Fri 11-13 May 2016
Strategic Shared Services Conference CEE; Budapest • link • register

Fri 3 Jun 2016
Budapest Business Party 5; Hungary • link (soon) • register (soon)

Mon 12 Sep 2016
Social Business Forum 2016; Budapest • link • register

Mon 14 Nov 2016
Green Economic Forum 2016; Budapest • link • register

2016 (TBA)
Business Integrity Forum CEE 2016; Budapest • link • register

2016 (TBA)
Business skills development course; Budapest • register

2016 (TBA)
Flash Seminar - Business in Russia • register

2016 (TBA)
Roundtable with the Government of Romania; Bucharest • register

2016 (TBA)
Roundtable with the Government of Slovenia; Ljubljana • link

2017 (TBA)
Central European Management Workshop: The Quality of Leadership with Mr Claus Møller, one of the 9 Quality Gurus of the world; Budapest • link • register

2017 (TBA)
European Business Growth Competition, CEE

2017 (TBA)
Palm Oil Conference; Budapest • link • register

Startup Safary Budapest


EuCham is glad to introduce you the Startup Safary Budapest, an event that offers you the chance to have an inside look at the most interesting startups in the city. During the 2-day event you can visit startups, VCs, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces, meet their founders and team members. Need a job? What better way than to visit the potential company of your dreams first hand. Want to get to know the Budapest startup ecosystem and network amongst peers? Join us for our several networking events!

The event takes place in startup offices around the city. Workshops, office tours, parties, networking & recruiting sessions are all to be expected!

Use EuCham promotional code to get up to 40% discount on ticket purchases. The code is : SafaryLovesEuCham

Venue and dates: Budapest, 21-22 April 2016 

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CEE Strategic Shared Services Conference

EuCham is partner of the CEE Strategic Shared Services Conference, the only event in the region tackling the current most pressing issues faced by managers across the region, highlighting challenges such as recruitment, attrition, process automation, continuous improvement, technology integration or internal communication to name a few.

Designed around the concept of the “SSCs’ 4 Strategic Pillars”, the conference will attract 70+ SSC practitioners from all over CEE to learn, share experiences and network during the 2 days of conference and 1 day of practical “site visit” at 2 of our partnering SSCs.

Venue and dates: Boscolo Hotel Budapest, 11-13 May 2016.

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Corporate and Personal branding training

EuCham Business Networking Training

Part of the Business skills development course, EuCham will organize a training related to Corporate and personal branding. This training will offer participants the opportunity to get more practical skills how to create an impressive corporate and personal brand and encourage them to use the obtained knowledge in their future career. It will boost their confidence in liaisoning with business and institutional counterparts.

The two-hour training session will enable participants to attract collaborating partners and customers while building a network and mutual beneficial relationships, which will ultimately help them getting new business opportunities and expand their influence.

More about the Business skills development course and upcoming training sessions:

Sessions available
Tue 24 Nov 2015, 6:30pm (registration at 6:00pm)

Training delivered by EuCham - European Chamber
Trainer: Ms Tünde Benyovszky (HU) and guest lecturers

The training is in Hungarian (other languages e.g. English, German are available on request), duration 2 hours, registration at 6 pm.

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Startup Europe Week Budapest 2016

logoUndoubtedly, the prominence of entrepreneurships and start-ups has significantly changed since the turn of the century with these concepts becoming more commonplace in contemporary society. The regional diversity enjoyed by Europe and local policies play a significant role within its startup ecosystem. What if we could learn and share startup experiences at a European level? The aim of the Startup Europe Week, an initiative to unite European regions, is to help entrepreneurs make a difference and in turn aid the development of the business environment in Europe. Endorsed by the European Commission, EuCham - European Chamber co-organised the Budapest edition of the startup event at Design Terminal on 2 February 2016.

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Entrepreneurial Internship Program

EuCham - European Chamber, in cooperation with Korean government institutions, offered an international internship opportunity to nine Korean engineering students, with the aim of acquiring global entrepreneurship and business development skills through an exchange in Europe.

Mentorship, training sessions, and networking opportunities were provided to them in Central Europe during 4 months. The participants came from two universities, Andong Science College, and Yeungnam University College with two different startup projects of their own.

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Social Business Forum 2016

Social Business Forum 2016

The Social Business Forum is one of the CEE’s largest events of its kind that has consistently attracted hundreds of participants from over 20 different countries. Social entrepreneurship is a concept that creates innovative solutions to social problems rather than focusing on profit-maximization. The creation of new sustainable businesses that are known as social enterprises, can be achieved by encouraging social entrepreneurship.

Previous edition’s purpose was to raise awareness about social enterprises and the triple-bottom-line approach of traditional businesses. The upcoming edition, Social Business Forum 2016, will cover economic facilitators and sustainable business models regarding the social businesses. The SBF16 is an excellent opportunity for organizations, institutions and business-oriented individuals to share their ideas and experiences regarding business implementations that reinforce innovation, enrich the welfare and well-being of society.

EuCham will also act as a crowdsourcer and provide the stage for unheard voices to be recognized. Alongside the main event, an exhibition will be held among entrepreneurs. This offers the opportunity to enhance the network and meet with potential sponsors. Topics covered during the event include: social business, social entrepreneurship, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

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Conference: Redefining Success 2015


Everyone is inspired by ‘success’ in a different way. People who are already successful want to show their achievements while people who tend to become truly successful are continuously learning and analyzing the different perspectives of achieving success. In order to satisfy both sides, EuCham - European Chamber organized the conference Redefining Success 2015.

RSC 2015 attracted over 100 participants raising widespread positive feedback. The purpose of the conference was to create a platform for already successful, yet different businesses to share their stories and strategies of success. EuCham welcomed speakers with different backgrounds and by presenting a diversified pallet of companies operating in different stages, RSC 2015 showed its attendees that the approaches for achieving and maintaining success differ from each other and vary over time.

The conference provided a great opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and ideas on how business success can be achieved and maintained in the long term.


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EuCham and UN support IBIS - Igniting Business Investments in Sustainable lifestyles

EuCham Business Networking Training

EuCham is currently involved in promoting the realization of the revolutionary IBIS international platform, sponsored by the United Nations, which will link donors and funders from the most developed countries with recipients from less developed ones. The purpose is to enhance actors augmenting sustainable development.

There are all the premises to be a worldwide and revolutionary innovation which could lead to significant scale-back of investments worldwide, or a potential breakdown of global cooperation on sustainability agenda.

In addition to the European Chamber, manifestations of interest in joining the project have already come from other remarkable international actors like UNEP - United Nations Environmental Programme, UNDP - United Nations Development Programme, EIB - European Investment Bank, Finnish Innovation Fund, EMPA - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, GeSI - Global e-Sustainability Initiative, Euresearch, EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Fundes, GIZ, Horizon2020, National Cleaner Production Centers & Networks (NCPCs), Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI), with many more under negotiation.

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Green Economic Forum 2016: Shaping a greener future

EuCham Business Networking Training

The Green Economic Forum is the main Central European event that gathers organizations and companies discussing the challenges of sustainability. Pushing businesses to react to environmental issues by sharing their strategies and expertise is a priority of this event.

The Forum will focus on opportunities and emerging trends for Shaping a greener future, discussing the benefits, as well as the obstacles, associated with the shift towards more sustainable lifestyles and ways of doing business.

The necessity to pursue environmentally viable approaches is a pressing need for our society. The ability to cope with recent changes in the environment, the economy and consumer behaviour is the key to uncover opportunities in order to improve businesses and to raise interest on sustainable attitudes.

High-profile representatives of several organizations and businesses will share their knowledge, experiences and ideas on how to achieve and promote a greener future.

Date and time: Mon 9 May 2016, 5pm.

Venue: EuCham Conference Room, Szabadság tér 7 (Bank Center), 1054 Budapest, Hungary.

Participation is free of charge for accepted applicants. Application form: The event will be held in English.

Read more: Green Economic Forum 2016: Shaping a greener future

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