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Past events / activities

2018-22-26   EuCham mission to the World Economic Forum; Davos, Switzerland  link

2018-01-06   EU Business Mission to Philconstruct 2018; Manila, Philippines • link

2017-12-01   GREENWILL Presentation; Shanghai, China • link

2017-11-27    EU Business Mission to Medical Philippines Expo 2017; Manila, Philippines • link

2017-11-26    GREENWILL Presentation; Marrakech, Morocco  link

2017-11-16    GREENWILL Presentation; Helsinki, Finland • link

2017-11-13    GREENWILL Presentation; Tallinn, Estonia • link

2017-11-12    GREENWILL Presentation; Riga, Latvia • link

2017-10-16    EU-Philippines Business Summit: EuCham mission; Manila, Philippines • link

2017-09-29    Chinese delegation from Hunan province; Budapest, Hungary • link

2017-09-28    Sustainable Agriculture Forum; EU Business Mission 

2017-09-26    Ecoforum: EuCham president's presentation; Saint Petersburg, Russia • link 

2017-09-19    Sustainable development Impact Summit; New York, USA

2017-09-18    Chinese delegation from Changsha; Budapest, Hungary • link

2017-09-14    IVSZ conference; Sárvár, Hungary

2017-09-01    Flash Seminar: Different faces of CSR; Budapest, Hungary • link

2017-07-24    Greater Europe Conference at UNESCO; Paris, France

2017-07-03    Master in International Hotel Management; Budapest, Hungary • link

2017-06-26    Training: Public speaking for young professionals & leaders; Budapest, Hungary • link

2017-06-21    Fin2017; Porto, Portugal •  link

2017-06-16    JEUNE general assembly, EuCham mission; Bratislava, Slovakia  

2017-06-14    Decision-Making Roundtable; Budapest, Hungary • link

2017-06-01    UNIDO Conference on Social and Solidarity Economy; Budapest, Hungary • link 

2017-05-27    Horasis Global Meeting, EuCham participation; Cascais, Portugal • link

2017-05-17    Energy Efficiency Business Breakfast; Budapest, Hungary • link

2017-05-08    Munich for Sustainability presentation at UN World Food Programme - United Nations; Munich, Germany

2017-04-28    unDavos meeting of Global Shapers and YGL of the WEF; Budapest, Hungary

2017-04-25    Mission to Webit; Sofia, Bulgaria • link

2017-04-24    Meetings at EU institutions; Brussels, Belgium

2017-03-30    European Business Awards judging sessions; Amsterdam, Netherlands • link 

2017-03-24    Sustainability & CSR presentation; Maputo, Mozambique

2017-03-22    Sustainability & CSR presentation; Kasane, Botswana

2017-03-20    Sustainability & CSR presentation; Livingstone, Zambia

2017-03-13    (until 2017-03-17) Global Entrepreneurship Congress; Johannesburg, South Africa • link

2017-01-13    Collaboration meetings with Federação Sino-PLPE (China-Portugal); Porto, Portugal

2017-01-30    Meeting with Ms Anna Illy at illycaffè; Trieste, Italy

2017-01-17    Philippine Food and Beverage Webinar • link

2017-01-17    (until 2017-01-21) World Economic Forum; Davos • link

2016-11-14    Green Economic Forum 2016; Budapest • link

2016-09-22    TTIP: Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs in Central Europe; Budapest • link

2016-09-12    Social Business Forum 2016; Budapest • link

2016-06-03    Budapest Business Party 5; Budapest • link

2016-06-02    European Maker Week; Budapest • link 

2016-05-11    Strategic Shared Services Conference CEE; Budapest • link

2016-04-21   Startup Safary Budapest; Budapest • link

2016-04-16    WUSME - World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises; San Marino • link

2016-03-03    East China Fair and ARCCIM Forum; Shanghai • link                          

2016-02-05    UP Venture Conference; Vienna • link 

2016-02-02    Startup Europe Week 2016 • link • link 

2015-11-24    Corporate and personal branding training, Budapest • link 

2015-11-20    GEW International Day, Budapest • link

2015-11-18    Central & South-Eastern Europe Investment Summit 2015, Budapest • link

2015-11-10    China Business Roundtable CEE, Budapest • link

2015-10-08    Central European Startup Awards, Vienna  link

2015-09-18    Food and Green Economy 2015, Budapest • link 

2015-06-30    Cooperation between EuCham and Chongqing Investment Promotion Association, in China 

2015-06-29    EuCham at the European Commission; Brussels, Belgium • link

2015-06-25    Meeting with the secretary general of European Forum of Independent Professionals; Brussels, Belgium

2015-06-25    JEUNE General Assembly at Expo Milano 2015; Milano, Italy

2015-06-16    Lunch with Jane Goodall; Budapest, Hungary

2015-06-12    EuCham Nonprofit Ltd is founded; Budapest, Hungary

2015-06-10    REC General Assembly, EuCham participates as observer business organization; Budapest, Hungary

2015-06-09    Strategic partnership with Live Earth (along Al Gore and Ban Ki-moon)

2015-06-10    Meeting with Mario Molina, Director at Climate Reality Project • link

2015-06-05    National day of Denmark reception. Denmark is a strategic partner of GREENWILL

2015-06-04    Budapest Business Party 2015; Budapest, Hungary

2015-06-02    GreenAdvisor board meeting; Launch date set; Budapest, Hungary

2015-05-28    Business Poro wit the Finnish Trade Guild; Budapest, Hungary

2015-05-27    TÜV Rheinland event; Budapest, Hungary

2015-05-11    Green Economic Forum 2015; Budapest, Hungary • link

2015-04-01    Roundtable with the Government of Slovenia; Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015-03-23    Business Integrity Forum CEE 2015; Budapest, Hungary • link

2015-03-16    (until 2015-03-19) Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2015, EuCham mission; Milano, Italy • link

2015-03-13    GREENWILL Open Day; Budapest, Hungary • link

2015-03-06    JADE Spring Meeting, workshop on leadership and entrepreneurship; Brussels, Belgium • link

2015-03-06    JEUNE administrative council; Brussels, Belgium • link

2015-02-23    Social Business Forum 2015; Budapest, Hungary • link

2015-02-16    Flash Seminar with Michael Lee (Korea); Budapest, Hungary • link

2015-02-13    (until 2015-02-15) YES Challenge Hungary 2015 (with Sunmoon University, Korea); Budapest, Hungary

2015-02-09    Turkish Business Seminar; Budapest, Hungary • link

2015-01-28    Presentation at TechItalia; London, UK

2015-01-28    Lecture at Hult International Business School; London, UK

2015-01-26    Presentation at the Global Sustainability Institute; Cambridge, UK

2015-01-22    Meeting with the mayor of Davos, Switzerland

2015-01-21    (until 2015-02-23) World Economic Forum; Davos, Switzerland

2015-01-15    Business Networking Training; Budapest, Hungary • link

2015-01-12    Internet Fragmentation Seminar; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-12-08    Internet Fragmentation open discussion; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-11-24    World Sustainable Energy Forum 2014; Vienna, Austria

2014-11-24    Green Business Forum 2014; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-11-21    Global Entrepreneurship Week: International Day; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-10-29    Europe and the economy: from advantages to regulations; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-10-14    Fair Business Training: Integrity and Anti-bribery; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-10-03    EuCham at NESsT Social Enterprise Day; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-09-08    Polish Business Seminar; Budapest, Hungary

2014-07-02    Awaken your Creativity! Training; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-06-11    Effective Communication Training; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-05-30    Central European Startup Awards; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-05-28    Time Management Training; Budapest, Hungary • link

2014-05-22    Nordic Startup Awards; Oslo, Norway • link

2014-04-25    Meeting with Romanian government; Bucharest, Romania

2014-04-24    Meeting at Transparency International Romania; Bucharest, Romania

2014-04-23    (until 2014-04-26) EuCham mission in Bucharest, Romania

2014-04-10    Event with Tanja Vaino (ABB) at Finnish Ambassador's residency; Budapest, Hungary

2014-04-08    IBM Smart Cities event, with IBM Country General Manager; Budapest, Hungary

2014-04-07    Business Integrity Forum CEE 2014; Budapest, Hungary  • program • link

2014-03-25    JEUNE Administrative Council; Brussels, Belgium

2014-03-24    (until 2014-03-26) EuCham mission in Brussels, Belgium

2014-03-17    Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2014, EuCham participation; Moscow, Russia

2014-03-16    (until 2014-03-21) EuCham mission in Moscow, Russia

2014-03-13    Capacity building course for Entrepreneurs' Associations at EuCham; Budapest, Hungary

2014-03-12    Seminar for YBP - Young Business Professionals; Budapest, Hungary

2014-03-10    Greenwill presentation at CEU Business School

2014-03-10    Seminar with Mr Lee (Korea); Budapest, Hungary

2014-03-08    EuCham mentoring sessions with Georgian entrepreneurs, online

2014-03-06    Event with Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum

2014-03-06    EuCham breakfast with CEE Young Leaders, Danish Embassy; Budapest, Hungary

2014-03-04    Greenwill Open Day at EuCham conference room; Budapest, Hungary

2014-03-03    Social Business Forum: Raising awareness on social business enterprises; Budapest, Hungary • program • link

2014-01-21    (until 2014-01-26) EuCham mission to World Economic Forum; Davos, Switzerland

2014-01-20    HR, CSR & Social Entrepreneurship - Guest lecture by Dr Nadezhda Savova, PhD (Bulgaria) • link

2014-01-10    GREENWILL meeting

2013-12-16    Central European Entrepreneurship Meetup; Bratislava, Slovakia • link

2013-12-10    St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Guest Conference; Budapest, Hungary

2013-12-09    Russian Reception with Elena Borisenko, Deputy Minister of Justice; Budapest, Hungary

2013-12-08    Meeting with YES Serbia presidency; Beograd, Serbia

2013-12-07    Meeting with the Minister for Foreign Investments; Skopje, Macedonia

2013-12-07    Company meetings; Skopje, Macedonia

2013-12-06    Investment Roundtable with Prime Minister of Macedonia; Skopje, Macedonia • link

2013-12-05    Bilateral HU-MK Business Forum; Skopje, Macedonia

2013-12-05    Meeting at REC Macedonia Country Office; Skopje, Macedonia

2013-12-04    Collaboration meeting with Italian business community; Beograd, Serbia

2013-12-04    Meeting at REC Serbia Country Office; Beograd, Serbia

2013-12-03    Meeting with Mokra Gora School of Management; Beograd, Serbia

2013-12-03    Collaboration with Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities; Novi Sad, Serbia

2013-11-28    BusinessLab event participation; Budapest, Hungary

2013-11-26    Company visit at cSt causa Steuerberatung; Vienna, Austria

2013-11-24    (until 2013-11-25) Vienna Economic Forum; Vienna, Austria • link

2013-11-23    JEUNE (Young Entrepreneurs of Europe) meetings; Budapest, Hungary

2013-11-22    Global Entrepreneurship Week: International Day; Budapest, Hungary • link

2013-11-07    Self Accelerator Program for Young Talents; Budapest, Hungary • link

2013-11-06    Meeting with Henri Malosse, President of European Economic and Social Committee • link

2013-10-24    Meeting with Matrade (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation)

2013-10-17    Singapore Environmental Awards, EuCham participation

2013-10-13    (until 2013-10-17) EuCham mission to Singapore

2013-10-11    (until 2013-10-12) Global Entrepreneurship Summit; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • link

2013-10-09    (until 2013-10-12) Global Water Summit; Budapest, Hungary

2013-10-07    (until 2013-10-10) EuCham mission to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2013-10-07    REC General Assembly; Szentendre, Hungary

2013-10-04    Meeting with Australian Ambassador to Austria HE Mr David Stuart

2013-10-04    Transparency International event

2013-09-24    HKTDC Hong Kong Trade Development Council event; Budapest, Hungary

2013-09-20    HuGBC, Green Award Gala; Budapest, Hungary

2013-09-19    Green Economy International Conference; Budapest, Hungary

2013-09-12    EuCham Personal Development training; Budapest, Hungary

2013-09-13    5th Climate Summit; Budapest, Hungary

2013-09-11    UNESCO meeting; Budapest, Hungary

2013-08-31    (until 2013-09-03) Bled Strategic Forum; Bled, Slovenia

2013-08-14    Green Economy Summer University, EuCham presentation; Siófok, Hungary

2013-07-25    Polish Business Council meeting

2013-07-02    Canada Day at the Embassy of Canada; Budapest, Hungary

2013-06-28    Workshop with the World Bank; Budapest, Hungary • link

2013-06-25    CEE-China Business Forum • EuCham speaking at the roundtable; Budapest, Hungary

2013-06-25    Seminar: The Journey of a Young Entrepreneur; Budapest, Hungary • link

2013-06-24    Seminar: Success of Korean Companies; Budapest, Hungary • link

2013-06-19    Responsible Growth: a panel discussion by The Economist

2013-06-06    Unconvention; European Young Innovators Awards; Brussels, Belgium • link

2013-06-06    European Industrial Policy Conference 2013, European Commission; Brussels, Belgium

2013-06-06    The European House - Ambrosetti, Observatory on Europe; Brussels, Belgium • link

2013-06-03    (until 2013-06-04) World Sustainable Energy Forum; Vienna, Austria

2013-05-30    Reflections of a top manager: Mr Shahzad Ishaq, Head of Consumer Finance, Bank Alfalah, Pakistan

2013-05-15    Global Sustainability Conference, EuCham presentation; Cambridge, UK

2013-05-14    EuCham lecture at HULT International Business School; London, UK

2013-04-22    Green Business Forum: Embrace Sustainability; Budapest, Hungary

2013-04-19    A complaint is a gift: transform complaints in new business, seminar; Ljubljana, Slovenia 

2013-04-10    Central European Initiative: Network Economic Forum; Budapest, Hungary • link

2013-04-03    Business breakfast with the President of Bulgaria Mr Rossen Plevneliev; Budapest, Hungary

2013-03-18    (until 2013-03-30) Global Entrepreneurship Congress, EuCham mission; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2013-03-05    Seminar: Role of media in Italian economy and business; Budapest, Hungary

2013-03-04    CEE Business Integrity Forum; Budapest, Hungary 

2013-02-25    (until 2013-02-28) EuCham mission in Hong Kong, China

2013-02-22    Global Supply Chain Forum; Budapest, Hungary

2013-02-14    (until 2013-02-24) EuCham mission; Bangkok, Thailand

2013-02-05    Lecture: Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey

2013-02-04    Maritime law & Rotterdam rules seminar; Budapest, Hungary

2013-01-23    (until 2013-01-26) World Economic Forum, EuCham mission; Davos, Switzerland

2013-01-07    EuCham Slovenia meetings; Ljubljana, Slovenia

2012-12-10    Mobile Monday - Entrepreneurship and Employment - Regional summit; Hungary • info

2012-12-10    Presentation by Mr Shahzad Ishaq (Citibank): Inflection points: leading in an uncertain world, Hungary

2012-12-06    (until 2012-12-07) Young European Entrepreneurs' Seminar; Brussels, Belgium 

2012-12-06    (until 2012-12-07) Destination Europe - Investment Opportunities; USA 

2012-12-05    (until 2012-12-08) EuCham mission in Brussels, Belgium 

2012-12-04    (until 2012-12-06) 4th China Brands Exhibition; Budapest, Hungary

2012-11-27    Green Standards kick-off meeting; Budapest, Hungary

2012-11-20    (until 2012-11-23) EuCham mission in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2012-11-22    SDBP meeting on financing; Ljubljana, Slovenia

2012-11-21    WWF Business Club Meeting & Water Stewardship Symposium; Budapest, Hungary 

2012-11-18    (until 2012-11-19) Vienna Economic Forum; Vienna, Austria

2012-11-16    International Day at Global Entrepreneurship Week; Budapest, Hungary • gallery

2012-11-22    Macedonia Investment Forum with Macedonian Prime Minister • galleryreport on Financial Times

2012-11-08    REC Regional Environmental Center (, General Assembly 

2012-10-29    Roundtable on Leadership, with IEDC-Bled Business School and K&H Bank; Hungary

2012-10-19    IEDC Annual Presidents' Forum, with Mr Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of Slovenia

2012-10-18    ICPE meeting; Ljubljana, Slovenia

2012-10-17    EuCham - SDBP presidents' meeting; Ljubljana, Slovenia

2012-10-16    Roundtable on Eastern Markets of Europe; Ljubljana, Slovenia

2012-10-15    European Week of Entrepreneurship in Slovenia, Opening event; Slovenia • link

2012-09-26    JEUNE Administrative Council; Brussels, Belgium

2012-09-25    EuCham speech at the Seminar on Entrepreneurship and CSR, European Commission, Belgium

2012-09-18    Bulgarian Economic Forum

2012-09-14    European Entrepreneurship Foundation event

2012-09-13    New Society Salon, with Swedish Ambassador

2012-09-06    ICE meeting

2012-09-01    Bled Strategic Forum (until 2012-09-03): with OECD Secretary General, EBRD President, EU Environment Commissioner, President of Slovenia, Prime Minister of Albania, Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia

2012-08-23    President's visit at Minerva, Italy

2012-08-22    Preparation for Spanish Business Seminar

2012-08-21    Meeting with business professionals on Bahrain

2012-07-30    ALT Technologies Romania, plant visit, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

2012-07-28    Bálványos Summer University; Romania

2012-07-20    World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises, General Assembly; San Marino

2012-07-11    Charity project meeting

2012-07-05    Center for Integrity in Business and Government meeting

2012-07-04    Kinnarps Hungary, meeting with the General Manager

2012-07-03    Meeting with Hungarian deputy prime minister Tibor Navracsics with Fivosz

2012-07-03    CEU Business School meeting, preparation for cooperation in ethical education project

2012-06-29    PTIR - Romania-Serbia-Hungary regional cross-border cooperation conference; Timişoara, Romania

2012-06-26    EuCham CEE Annual General Assembly

2012-06-25    Macedonia Investment Forum

2012-06-12    Company visit: Imperquimia factory; Tecama, Mexico

2012-06-11    Meeting with Coparmex, Mexican Employers' Association, the biggest enterprise association (36.000 members, with 4,8 millions employees and representing 30% of the GDP). Proposal for common internship project

2012-06-11    Meeting with Mr César Emiliano Hernadez Ochoa, General Director, Foreign Commerce dept, Ministry of Economy; Mexico

2012-06-08    Visit of National Archive of Mexico, meeting with its General Director Ms Aurora Gómez-Galvarriato Freer; Mexico

2012-06-08    Company visit: law firm Santamarina Steta; Mexico City

2012-06-06    Reception with Mr Felipe Calderon (President of Mexico) at his residence

2012-06-02    EuCham delegation to G20 YES in Mexico (until 2012-06-05). G20 countries together represent around 90% of global GDP, 80% of global trade and two-thirds of the world’s population.

2012-05-31    Budapest Business Party - EuCham

2012-05-29    CCCH Annual general meeting

2012-05-23    CEE-China business forum

2012-05-17    IHBC, Annual general meeting

2012-05-11    YES meeting; Brussels, Belgium

2012-05-10    European Parliament: Young Entrepreneurs Day, EuCham delegation; Brussels, Belgium

2012-05-10    European Economic and Social Committee meeting; Brussels, Belgium

2012-05-07    Turkish Business Seminar

2012-04-24    Netherlands-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, all you need to know about Real Estate

2012-04-18    Telenor - Norwegian embassy event

2012-04-17    Czech Business Club

2012-04-06    Azerbaijan conference

2012-04-04    Business environment in Kazakhstan - Workshop

2012-03-23    GARAJE business incubator study visit; Madrid, Spain

2012-03-13    Seminar on Sustainable Excellence - EFQM

2012-03-16    HULT Business School, meeting with Prof Wahyd Vannoni; London, UK

2012-03-09    Global Entrepreneurship Congress, EuCham participation; Liverpool, UK

2012-03-12    Meeting with Prime Minister of Albania Mr Sali Berisha

2012-03-07    Japanese seminar, jointly EuCham and ESSCA Business School

2012-02-24    Albanian-CEE multilateral business meeting, with the Mayor of Tirana Mr Lulzim Basha

2012-02-22    Meeting the EU Commissioner for Employment Mr László Andor

2012-02-21    Irish business seminar

2012-02-17    Legal symposium, EuCham delegation; Vienna, Austria

2012-02-16    Meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia Mr Nika Gilauri

2012-02-04    EuCham board member Patrik Kovacs on official visit to USA in Washington, DC, USA

2012-01-27    Visit to Academic business incubators; Warsaw, Poland

2012-01-26    Slovenian-Hungarian business cooperation seminar, Budapest

2012-01-25    Seminars: Fundacja Polska Przedsiębiorcza, Entrepreneurial Europe; Warsaw, Poland

2012-01-26    Central European University, CEU Business School, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with Prof. György Bogel

2011-12-05    Meeting with Albanian Chairwoman of Parliament Ms Jozefina Topalli

2011-11-26    EuCham and PBC jointly-organized seminar; Krakow, Poland

2011-11-11    Polish Business Opportunities seminar

2011-09-27    Adjara (Georgia) - Investment Opportunities in Tourism

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